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Rolling Roof

Rolling Roof

  • The system combines the folding and gathering feature that no rolled ceiling system in the world can realize at the same time.
  • Panels with a width of 36 cm, which is used as ceiling closure material in the system, rotate around its own axis and perform folding movement. After the folding action is completed, the aluminum panels are collected backwards to ensure a complete open roof area.
  • Each panel is moved by the wheel.
  • Thanks to the folding movement provided by the panels, the cleanliness of the ceiling exterior area is ensured by wiping.
  • Aluminum Panels used in the system consist of 2 mm of meat thickness, 4 mm of Main Creek Profile meat thickness and 5 mm of upper surface profile aluminum material.
  • System horizontal conveyors are placed at maximum 300 cm.
  • Aluminum panes are opened at the desired angle to provide ventilation, sunlight utilization and shadowing possibilities.
  • The system works with 5% slope.
  • A single unit can be built up to an area of 80m².
  • It works with water discharge ratios. The rainfall on the aluminum panels is transferred to the main stream profile by the creek located on the panels and it is provided to the outside area from the main stream profile. There is a guarantee of water intake.
  • In light rainy weather, the panels are designed to open up a certain amount of air to refresh the air of the internal area while preventing water from entering the interior space.
  • The system can be constructed as one unit up to 8m. There is no length limitation by making more than one unit on longer measurements.
  • System movement is realized with Linear Motor and 120Nm motor. At the same time, system security is provided by motion sensor switches.
  • System carrier is installed without steel construction requirement.
  • The system works in all kinds of unsteady environments and it can get balance by means of carrier feet.
  • All profiles and accessories used are stainless steel.
  • The carrier profiles used are 100 × 200 and 100 × 150 Box Special Aluminum Profiles.
  • EPDM gasket is used in the system and it has all the documents.
  • Aluminum used is ASAŞ brand and has all the documents.
  • The spare parts of the system are guaranteed for 2 years.
  • All interior lighting and heating systems can be adapted to the sunroof system.

Rolling Roof (Rolling Terrace), offering panes of 2mm wall thickness to users with ventilation by turning to their own areas first, utilization of the desired area from sunlight or shading facilities. All panels rotating around their own axis are gathered backwards as if they were opened glass panes, creating a fully open roof area. As such, the Rolling Roof is the only system in the world, offering both folding and gathering movements together..

The Rolling Roof ceiling system has the advantage of both folding and gathering movement together. First of all, outdoor effects (such as daylight) allow you to get inside or out of the desired area. Rolling Roof can offer to users. The ceiling closure method known as pergolas in the market is used for the purpose of shading, or it can not prevent water entering the interior area in rainy weather. In this case, the pergole is open in weather conditions without precipitation. Sealing in rainy weather is a serious problem in the tarpaulin roof system. Also the tarpaulin is not carrying snow load. Again in canopy sunroof systems, the canopy cover should be replaced if it is worn out at regular intervals. However, since the Rolling Roof sunroof system can be folded up if desired, there is a possibility to ventilate the interior space without water entering when the outdoor environment is rainy, when there is rainfall in the workplace, at work, workplace, workplace, workplace, workplace, workplace, workplace. Rolling Roof can offer to users. As can be seen, in the canopy sunroof systems, the area covered by the ceiling becomes unusable in order to cover the canopy in the weather where there is heavy snowfall because snow can not be transported. But Rolling Roof is working without any problems during the day.

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