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Insulated and Single Sliding Glass Ceiling System

Insulated and Single Sliding Glass Ceiling System

  • It can be opened up to where it is desired. 4/3 - 5/4 - 1/2 vs.
  • The water works with drainage ratios. There is a guarantee of water intake.
  • Minimum 15% should work on roof slope.
  • Single Glass 5mm + 5mm Lamine
  • The system is tempered glass, the glasses are 4 + 4 lamine, 10 + 6 tempered.
  • System Carcass Maximum Intermediate Span is 150 cm.
  • System Glass Depth can be applied up to 3 m using re-roller.
  • A single motor can run on 60 m2 area.
  • There is no size limitation in the areas to be built.
  • Pool closures, cafés & restaurants, terraces, gardens etc. all areas can be closed as you wish.
  • In winter, cold and snowy weather will give you the warmth of tea or coffee, and the winter garden will give you the pleasure of sipping in the room temperature. It is also visually beautiful with its winter garden model with sliding folding glass balcony.

Winter gardens broaden their living spaces and bring the garden into the house. Our winter gardens offer ideal thermal insulation and rational constructions for low energy costs and high living comfort.

With Winter Garden Systems you can make your garden visually impressive but modern. If you have a garden home and want to use your garden in winter or on better conditions, As PergolaTechnical glass Balcony and Shading Systems we offer you a wide range of models and stylish designs..

Especially those who have large garden area can make winter garden from large outdoor areas of the house. The area can be closed by working in the appropriate area for those who want to prepare a large winter garden. When the winter garden is made, first the upper part is closed with the desired material. Accordingly, a stylish area is created by closing the bottom with glass. While the winter garden is being set up, you can have a nice time here by creating a stylish area. Upper sections can be prepared with glass system for winter garden. Bahçenin will be a suitable choice for those who want to take out the winter in the summer. In this way, the garden and nature can be enjoyed in the winter months. Thanks to the quality products we use in winter garden systems, it is more durable and highly effective against heat. Thanks to this system, the environment stays warm in cold weather. Because of the use of durable material against rainfall will not affect in the rain. Anyone who wants to use the appropriate price options in their winter garden systems can create a nice space for themselves. With the opening and closing system in the construction of the winter garden, the garden can be completely opened and ventilated when requested..

When the upper part is opened with the folding glass roof system, the area can be opened easily with the folding glass system and the folding glass. This field can be used when the summer is opened completely. For the winter garden, the determined area measurements are made first. Depending on the measurements, the upper part is opened or fixed. Awnings can also be used on the top. Glass or terrace closure systems can also be used in Winter Gardens. The upper part is prepared from quality materials as requested by the customer. With this system, the garden will not be affected even in the toughest weather conditions. It can be used comfortably in winter. It is prepared with glass systems in the lower parts according to the measurements taken in the same way. Fixed or pop-off glass systems are used in the lower part. The preference is made according to the customer's preference. Opening-off systems for convenient use can be a more accurate choice for opening up completely.

It can be considered as a pleasant and stylish environment for those who want to enjoy all the beauties of nature for the winter garden. It is prepared in the right and wide outside areas for those who are full of flowers in winter and those who want a space in the nature, and it is possible to use it comfortably. When we prepare for a beautiful winter garden, any kind of thought we want can be applied to the area. Preparations will give the best products according to the opinions and wishes of the customers at the end. In this respect, customer satisfaction is best achieved. Thanks to quality materials, any kind of external threats will be taken. Heat loss is reduced to maximum in winter garden systems. It may be possible to sit in a warm and beautiful garden in winter. By adjusting the garden heat, different areas can be created and the area can be rested. It creates a beautiful area for green and nature lovers.

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